More than a soloist

"When I was a piano student, I felt the need to get more and more prepared for my chamber music and orchestra rehearsals. It was also the time in which the first modules of sample-based orchestral sounds were coming into being (we are talking about the 90s) and, thanks to first-generation computers, I used to spend my time reproducing those sounds I would be practicing during rehearsal: sound, entries, ... in other words, I wanted to get used to listen to those sounds that would surround me. 

Today, I would like to make this passion available to music students who feel the same need.” 



Would you like to have the opportunity to study and rehearse every day, either by playing or singing with the pianist or the orchestra? With this service, you can avail yourself of a basic personalized educational support. Discover how it works and how much it costs

Email your score or send your link (e.g. on

Specify your requirements:

- refrains

- metronome

- accelerandi and retardandi

- crowns

- crescendos and diminuendi

- agogics

- dynamics

- etc

The first minute is free. You can request up to four different metronomic versions. 


If you're happy, after payment (via Paypal or bank transfer), you will receive the finished work and can start playing with the piano or the orchestra. 

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